If You Give a Mom a Blog

vintage family computer

Hmmm… what can I do with this silly computer? I know!  I’m going to start a blog!”

If you give a mom a blog,
She’ll probably want to post about her family.

Thinking about her family will remind her of all of the things that need to be done around the house.
She’ll walk away from the computer and head to the laundry room.

Along the way, she’ll vacuum the entire basement and pick up the Rock Band set.
She’ll cuss because her kids have drank every last can of pop and they’ve been left all over the table.

Pop cans will remind her that she needs to return bottles and cans and pick up milk at the grocery store.
She’ll probably feel disgusted that groceries are so expensive and realize that the only way to pay for them is to go to work.

She’ll go to work all day and then come home to happily make dinner and meet everyone else’s needs.

Going into the kitchen reminds her what a mess she left it and she’ll proceed to do the dishes and clean the counters.
She’ll probably find piles of schoolwork that needs to be sorted .

Thinking of schoolwork will reminds her of her family.
She’ll probably want to share stories about them with her friends. 

And if she gets on her computer, she’ll realize that she left it on that morning.
She’ll probably post to her blog.

That is, if she doesn’t become distracted again.


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