Spam: It’s Not Just For Computer Hackers Anymore


I was at my friendly neighborhood Kroger store today, considering what I can afford to buy since payday is later this week.  I’m thinking of going back to relying on coupons, much as I find them to be a complete pain in the rear end.  They do add up over time and, as we all know, saving money is a good thing.

I found myself standing in front of the shelves of Spam, which immediately made me think of my dad.  My father, a child of the Depression era, could serve Spam in many different and creative ways.  Believe me, we ate them all.

My mother was a SAHM, but back in those days it wasn’t so much of a choice as it is now.  It was just something many women were expected to do.  Period.

She made every single meal of the week except Saturday lunch, which my dad made for me and my two brothers.  I can’t exactly remember why this was, but I suspect that she escaped for a few hours on Saturday mornings.  Who could blame her? 

His favorite Saturday lunches were Spam and cucumber sandwiches, with mayonnaise and thinly sliced onion.  Yet another was peanut butter and mustard sandwiches.  Yes, that’s right – no typos.  Mustard AND peanut butter on the same slice of bread.  Oh, and chips, pickles and milk.  Yum.

My dad also referred to the refrigerator as the “ice-box” and aluminum foil as “tin foil” for many years.  My husband just recently pointed out that foil is no longer made out of tin, as I slipped into one of my “dadisms”.  Old habits die hard.

As for this recent recession, if my dad’s mother was still alive, she would have a million ideas regarding how to save a buck.  Widowed at 49, my grandma pulled herself up by her bootstraps and got a job after my grandfather suddenly died. 

As my mom would say, “That woman knew how to save a dime”.    She would totally approve of my coupon cutting.  She might even say that Spam was a totally acceptable food.

Spam and cucumber sandwiches, anyone?


2 thoughts on “Spam: It’s Not Just For Computer Hackers Anymore

  1. I totally say tin foil! I think it’s perfectly acceptable. Earlier tonight Karl mentioned that we had some Nurse Jackie episodes to catch up On Demand and I responded, “yeah, let’s look at that” and then realized my grandma used to say she was going to “look at TV.” I am getting old!

  2. Ya, tin foil here too. I also say “stockings” when referring panty hose. Can ya tell I spent every afternoon after school with my grandma? I loved every minute of it though!

    Hm, I was just reading that Spam is super popular in Hawaii and they even make some sort of sushi out of it. I dunno if I could spam sushi.

    If you become one of those people that actually uses coupons so much the grocery store pays YOU, will you tell us how to do it too? That would be great!

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