Armchair Psychology

This is Eldest’s Son’s chair.  It sits in front of his desk where the love of his life, his computer, resides. 

matt's chair

As you can see, it’s disgusting.  It’s beyond repair, ratty and embarrassing.  I don’t get too close but I suspect that it smells. 

I’ve offered to buy him a new chair on numerous occasions.  I even told him that he could pick a new one out himself – we could have a blast at IKEA.

Despite all this, he refuses to part with it. 

It makes me think of a couple of television shows where one of the characters was also attached to his armchair.  Here’s one example:


Do any of you remember Martin Craine’s chair from “Frasier”?  You can’t see it in this picture, but there’s duct tape on the side.  It didn’t complement his son’s minimalist decor. 

Here’s another:

archie bunker's chair

Do you remember this series from the 1970’s?  (Here’s a hint… “EDITH!!! Bring me a beer!”)

Although those two characters were fictitious, I’m sure that the writers of the shows based the love of these nasty old chairs on some real life experiences.  Maybe they knew men who wouldn’t part with their nasty La-Z-Boy recliners, despite the fact that they were beyond repair. 

I, for one, am NOT above getting rid of sad looking furniture.  If someone offered to buy me a new chair, I would be more than happy to comply.  In fact, I’m waiting for the furniture fairy to come and take away the two faded armchairs in front of my picture window. 

Hey!  Maybe the furniture fairy can come in the middle of the night and replace Eldest Son’s chair too.  I might be onto something big here…


One thought on “Armchair Psychology

  1. I don’t get it. It’s all messed up. Where does his butt go? Must be a guy thing. The same gender that will wear their underwear until it’s only being held together by a few molecules and will insist it’s LIKE NEW! Boys.

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