Undo Envy

Dear Microsoft

You’ve been able to come up with some very clever software tricks, if I do say so myself.  I was wondering if you could invent an “undo” button for everything else in my life. 

Things like… saying the wrong thing to someone.  Click “undo” and it’s all better.

Bad decisions?  Not a problem.  “Undo” and make it all go away.

Or, how about overdrawing ones check account?  There’s probably a lesson to be learned with that, but I don’t feel like learning anymore.  The “undo” button would help a lot.

Here’s a visual for you.  Could you “undo” the damage my son did to my car?  He learned his lesson and is very sorry, but I’m going to owe the insurance company for my huge deductible. 


I’m thinking that you could probably take over the world with this one.  Even more than you’ve already done.  Let me know what you think.




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