Closet Confessions

My BFF “J” came all the way from Florida to visit me yesterday.  Her brother lives in Toledo, so she borrowed his van and drove up to metro Detroit to see me. 

Since we had limited time to visit, we had to prioritize carefully.  We went to her favorite restaurant, Olga’s, and walked around the mall for a bit.  Then she gave me my early birthday presents (it’s next month if you want to avoid the rush and buy early) and did something that all friends do when they have one hour left to visit.  We cleaned out my closet. 

This explains a lot about J and me.  We have known each other since we were 12 (which, for the record, was just a mere 30 years ago) and we really don’t need to entertain one another.  Also, we find cleaning out clutter to be entertaining.  In short, we’re easy to please. 

There’s really nothing like having a second person scrutinizing your clothes to make you realize how awful some of them are.  Or, how worn out and faded my sweaters look.  So what if I own a twin sweater set from 1996 – weren’t they classics?  She wouldn’t even let me keep the green sweater with the itty bitty bleach stain near the collar.  Who was going to notice that flaw anyway? 

In the end, I have 10 bags of clothes, purses and shoes sitting on my bedroom floor, waiting to be donated to whichever charitable organization will pick them up and take them away.  I also have a nice, clean closet that is in need of some new clothes.

I owe it all to my buddy, who then got into her brother’s van and headed back to Toledo.  Mission accomplished.

The next time J and I get together, we’ve decided to go on a “girl’s weekend” and meet somewhere besides Michigan or Florida.  Somewhere that we won’t get distracted by closets that need cleaning, children or spouses.  We could meet up in some little town in Mississippi and be happy, just as long as there is a movie theater and shopping in a reasonable distance. 

After all, that’s what BFF’s are all about.


2 thoughts on “Closet Confessions

  1. wait, that didn’t sound right. i meant old age for me, of course. it’s like just yesterday 1996 was high school…and suddenly there’s people younger than me on mtv, my favorite music is starting to show up on classic rock stations, and i’ve got a baby … but i swear it was just yesterday … 😉

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