Older, Wiser, More Tired


Hello, my name is Amy and I’m 43 years old today.

You’re supposed to wax poetic on your birthday and reflect back on things that you’ve learned in the past year, right?  Okay, here are some observations… get ready for earth-shattering illuminations

1.  It doesn’t matter if the hand towel you place in your bathroom is florescent orange and says “USE ME” in fuchsia embroidery.  If you hang decorative towels, your guests will use them. 

2.  Some people will never be happy, no matter what you do.  Do the best you can for them and then don’t worry about it anymore.  Complaining about them when they walk away may make you feel better.

3.  Timing is everything.  Wish mine were better.

4. Try to be nice to teenagers.  You may be dealing with your future gerontologist.

5.  If you worry about everything the “experts” say on tv, Internet or radio, you will most likely curl up in a corner and become non-communicative. 

6. No one in my family likes my chicken pot pie.  No one.  I give up.

7.  Most parent meetings include some level of pain.

8.  Never say never.  It’s a very long time.

9.  I still can’t do math. 

Shall we meet up next year to see what else I’ve learned?  Sounds like a plan.  See you back here in 365.


8 thoughts on “Older, Wiser, More Tired

  1. Very wise observations from a very wise woman! Re #6 – may I join your family? Cuz I LOVE cpps and then you’d have someone in your family to love them!

  2. Thank you Sensei! Your wisdom has shone down upon us! Happy Birthday! But the fact that my math skills will never get better based on your observation bums me out. I’m with Maureen – I want Chicken Pot Pie! Forget the kids and Rocky! MMMEEEEEE!

  3. I love your post! Happy Birthday! hahaha I, too, love chicken pot pie. Your family obviously doesn’t recognize tasty goodness when it’s right out there smelling delightful! Tee hee! Have a great day!!

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