Since You Asked…


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If you’re a Facebook fan, you probably remember those “25 Things About Me” lists that were circulating around a while back.  Some people thought they were silly – I personally loved them.  I learned more about people in five minutes than I ever could by asking them directly.  Most people just aren’t that forthcoming in conversations – social networking is truly a place to let it all hang out.

So, here’s some more vital information about myself that you can think about.  It’s all about me, you know…

  • Have you ever heard of synesthesia?  Well, I’ve often wondered if I have it.  I think of numbers as humans, complete with personalities,  genders and colors.  For example, the number 2 is a nice guy and he’s typically blue.  The number 7 is also a very nice guy, he’s green.  The number 4 is a bossy female and she’s colored red.  Letters and months also have personalities.  (I know… I’m in my own little world, but it’s okay, they know me here).
  • I have always hated Sundays.  Always.  I’m sure that I’ve hated them since infancy. 
  • I cry when I see commercials about animal charities.  Every time.
  • If I were rich, I would build a new house.  It wouldn’t be much bigger than the one I have now but it would have the most magnificent mudroom you’ve ever seen. 
  • If I had a mudroom, I would sit in it daily and contemplate how lucky I was.  I might even entertain guests in there.
  • I could spend my entire paycheck on home organizational stuff.  I love cabinets, bins and shelving units.
  • You can’t always tell that I love organizational stuff by the way my house looks.
  • I have a bad temper.
  • I was chubby growing up and I still remember how that made me feel.
  • I love fall and think about it all year long.
  • I think I would have liked living in the 1940’s – I love their clothes.
  • Growing up in the 80’s was like living during a 10 year long costume party.
  • We didn’t have football field lights at my high school so our games were on Saturdays.  I’m still mad about that 25+ years later.
  • One of my life goals is to visit as many US National Parks as I can.
  • If I were rich, in addition to having a mudroom, I would donate millions to the US National Park Service.
  • I used to dream about visiting Europe.  Now I dream about taking a vacation, period.  Ohio looks good right now.
  • I’m one of the only people I know that hated The Da Vinci Code.  Tom Hanks got points off in my book for starring in that movie.
  • I need footnotes to truly understand Shakespeare. 
  • I used to want to be an art historian.
  • I have a stuffed dog from when I was two years old.  Her name is FiFi and she has had many cosmetic surgeries.
  • Sometimes I sing to my children just to get on their nerves.   Works every time.
  • I hide under blankets or behind chairs when I watch horror movies.

Okay, that’s enough revelations for this time.   Please share something with me – don’t be shy.  We’re all friends here.


3 thoughts on “Since You Asked…

  1. Well, I won’t give you 25 – after all this is YOUR blog (and I’ve already shared quite a bit elsewhere today)! Here are a few though:

    – I love most all games, be they card, board, puzzles…

    – While I can be competitive, especially when it comes to word games, I truly do like to play, and will play again and again, even if I’m losing!

    – My dream house would have an Olympic-sized pool in it…and a hot tub.

  2. HI Amy!
    I, too, hated the Da Vinci Code. The book was only so so and the movie I didn’t even see. Didn’t like Angels and Demons either!
    If I were rich I would travel the world.
    I have a U.S. National Park passport book in the hopes to see them all.
    I love to cook.
    I cry during animal rescue commericals too. My boyfriend changes the channel because they make me so sad.
    There are so many great decades, but I think I would have liked the late 1950s to the early 1960s. So much was changing and the clothes were cool too.
    Enjoy!! 🙂

  3. In the infamous words of the Prince of Pop, “You are not alone.” I, too, thought The Da Vinci Code bordered on ridiculous…Angels and Demons was even worse. Tom–come on–you’re way too good an actor for this contrived stuff.

    And now it’s all about me. 🙂
    –I am a sucker for a stray cat.
    –I also cry during rescue commercials.
    –I love trees.
    –I used to like beets but don’t anymore.
    –I love the water.
    –I wonder where people from my sixth and seventh grade classes have ended up.
    –I am horribly disappointed at the lack of empathy found in the world.
    And finally…
    –I think Terry Brooks is an excellent writer.

    Take care, Amy, and keep on writing.


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