Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here




In every organization/office that I’ve worked in, there has always been issues with the kitchen or coffee room.  You know, “Your mother doesn’t work here-clean up after yourself!”

For the longest time, we had warnings on our staff blog to stop being slobs – you know who you are.  Then, there were gentle reminders and finally there’s just a notice that the refrigerator will be cleaned every other Friday. Come get your Tupperware or it’s gone. 

Things could be worse.  I once worked at an office where some klepto was stealing entire lunch boxes full of food (not just a sandwich or a forgotten snack).  One of my co-workers’ Snoopy lunch bag disappeared into thin air, ham sandwich and all.  Even her ransom note taped to the fridge did nothing to bring it back. 

There have been similar incidents here at the library.  I think that we have someone who likes to steal things that seem abandoned, such as a stray yogurt or a can of pop. 

However, we here at the library fight back with information.  There’s a sign on the refrigerator that says, “Wanted – sneaky food thief.  Help is available @ 616.86.” (For all of you non Dewey decimal users, that would be the addiction subject area).

One has to wonder about the psychological makeup of people who pilfer food from others in a group setting.  Is it exciting to steal food?  Are they truly hungry and have no money?  Do they feel that the company “owes them”? 

I also remember a time when one of the secretaries at a company I worked for posted a sign on the ice cube tray.  It said, “These are mine and I will not share.”  Quite frankly, I always wondered about her, ice cubes or not.

Today, there was a wine glass sitting on the back of the sink.  Apparently, they have nothing to hide.  Their mother doesn’t work here, remember?


8 thoughts on “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here

  1. It’s so much worse than going through a purse. You have no idea what the person did to the food in their lunch–they may have a fetish about licking everything before putting it in their lunch bag or something–and you eat food of questionable quality.

  2. Lisa, I think you’re on to something. We need to have some easily overhear-able conversations about dropping our lunch ingredients in a pile of dog hair and our germ-infested loved ones sneezing all over our sandwiches.

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