It’s Not In the Cards For This Year


I have to admit something to you that I feel very badly about.  It’s been bothering me for a long time now – probably for a few years. 

I don’t want to send Christmas cards out anymore.

They’re sitting in my basement, even as I type.  Mary, Joseph and Jesus are looking out of the stable at me, gingerbread are staring with disbelief.  Angels and cherubim are suspended in midair and snowmen are melting.  There’s even a box of cards with a manger scene made up of adorable dogs and they are all asking me the same thing, “Why aren’t you sending us?”

I feel bad about this.  I used to get my boxes of cards ready to go out at the end of November, including  special, matching Christmas stamps.   I even used to print cute holiday return labels.  It was all very merry and bright. 

Now, I just look at them and wonder why I feel so apathetic about the whole process.

I realize that Christmas time is an opportunity to send pictures of your beloved offspring.  You can also enclose a letter telling all about your vacations and career success. 

Well, here’s the deal.  I refuse to have professional pics taken at Christmas time and I can’t get Eldest Son to cut his hair to my liking.  I didn’t take one single stinking vacation last year and I’ve worked part time for 10 years.  Maybe Banker Husband would like to talk about his career but I really have nothing to add in that department.

On top of that, everything that I wish to divulge about my life is in print right here on this blog.  Come to think of it, maybe I should just send a letter to people with my blog address printed on it.  That wouldn’t be too unfriendly, would it?

If you want up to the minute updates, I’m on Facebook.  Extra points to those who figure out which one of the 500 Amy Lee’s is me.   (Hint – I’m the Amy Lee not wearing anything resembling a bustier – there are a few of those). 

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m still in touch with the world, but my medium has changed. 

Did I mention that my handwriting is really bad these days too?

There’s always a chance that I might change my mind and send some out this year.  I could even wait and see who sends them to me and see how I feel next week.

Sending holiday cheer from my computer to yours.  Just pretend this is a Christmas card.


6 thoughts on “It’s Not In the Cards For This Year

  1. I don’t blame you at all, Amy…and feel exactly the same way myself. SO…consider this reply my Christmas card to you (and all of you reading this comment too)!

  2. I’ve been on the fence about whether to send xmas cards or not this year. We used to do photos of us and the dogs (not professional, just taken using Karl’s camera w/a remote) but I am so not motivated this year. Even less motivated to write a year in review letter to go with it. Meh.

  3. I blame you not one bit. Yet, I still feel sad about the demise of the Christmas card. Can’t help it. I like making them. I like getting them. I even like writing them. I’m weird.

    • I think that Christmas cards had a very important role in the past since that’s truly how people would catch up with one another. My parents would put a note in every card they sent. We’re just more connected these days and now I just see them as one more thing to do. Or, maybe I’m Scrooge and I’ll be visited by the ghosts of Christmas cards past…

      • I just finished my Christmas Comic–highlighting the hijinks of the dizzy Davis-Craigs. And I got them in the mail! I’m free!

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