This week Christians all around the world will celebrate Epiphany, or the day when the three magi (better known as “wise men”) came bearing gifts to Jesus.  In many countries, this is the day when presents are exchanged (a nice idea, come to think of it… just think how much stuff you could give someone with the after Christmas sales). 

Despite the fact that most nativity sets include the three wise men and their camels, many people don’t realize that Jesus was not a tiny infant still lying in the manger when the three kings finally showed up.  He was approximately 18 months old and Mary probably had to keep him from eating the frankincense and myrrh. 

I like the idea of epiphany or the discovery of a life changing truth.  The older I get, the more I realize that these “huzzah”, “ah ha” or “OMG” moments are few and far between and when they do happen, they’re usually not the positive kind.  My epiphanies are more like, “OMG – we’re totally out of milk!”, “OMG – you cannot take my last $20 since I don’t get paid again until next week!”, “Wow – these boots I bought last year are hideous!”, “Oh no, more wrinkles!”, or maybe “Hey! The dog puked and since no one told me, it’s completely dried on the carpet!”.  You get the picture. 

I’ve often thought that one of the secrets to a positive attitude is to acknowledge the small epiphanies and miracles along the way.

Okay, so maybe the archangel Gabriel didn’t announce to me that I was with child (I just knew because I felt horrible – every time) but I do believe in angels here on earth.  I’ve realized during this recession that there are wonderful people everywhere willing to help those in need. 

Maybe my kids aren’t without sin and perfect, but that’s okay.  You only have to be perfect if you’re God.  They truly are good kids, however, and I appreciate them.  There are daily surprises in raising children, some better than others, and you must have a sense of humor to get the most out of the experience. 

This is why I blog – to share my life changing truths. 

I’ll leave you with a little Epiphany humor.  It’s called, “If the Wise Men Had Been Wise Women” and it goes like this:
If the wise men had been wise women, they would have
asked for directions,
arrived on time,
helped deliver the baby,
cleaned the stable,
made a casserole, 
brought practical gifts, 
and there would be peace on earth. 

Do I hear an amen?


3 thoughts on “Epiphanies

  1. Ditto the AMEN! Funny you should write about the 3 wise men…at LifeCare the week before Christmas we sang – what else – Christmas Carols…Lillian has a book talking about the background of some of the most famous carols and she told us that “We 3 Kings” is probably the most biblically incorrect Christmas carol because, as you said they didn’t arrive when Jesus was still in a manger, they weren’t kings, there weren’t necessarily 3 of them (the bible just says “wise men” and people assume there were 3 because 3 gifts are listed!)…then she went on to say “but we’re going to sing it anyway, because I like the song!”

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