Put On Your Mommy Pants and Deal With It

Curse you, Jackie Onassis.  I hear your voice constantly inside my head as I go through the day-to-day drama of being a mom.  Your famous quote, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do well matters very much” rattles inside my brain constantly. 

Just when I’m about to say FORGET IT- I’VE HAD ENOUGH, I hear “…whatever else you do well matters very much…” faintly over and over, like a dream sequence in some bad 1970’s sitcom. 

Now I remember why I don’t like the Christmas season.  Re-entering the world of reality, the place you left before school got out and you have two weeks of parties and not caring, is just too painful.  Also, let me just say that this raising teenagers business is for the birds.  (And, if one of my teenagers is reading this – get off the computer and do your homework.  Thank you.)

Okay, so I understand the concept of the teenage brain development (the frontal lobe, where decision-making is centered, is not fully developed until age 30; that explains a lot…), and Erikson’s theory of “identity vs. role confusion”.  I took all sorts of psychology classes.  *I. Get. It.*  However, this information has NOT made dealing with my children any easier this week.  It’s one big conflict-fest at my house and I’m the unfortunate host.

Sometimes, in weak moments, I wish that I liked reading parenting books.  I could curl up with “Have a New Kid By Friday” or “Love and Logic” and then Jackie O wouldn’t haunt me anymore.  I may have to resort to some sort of parenting literature.  It’s come to that.

Listen to me whine about my life, as if there were no hope and no options available.  There’s always hope and there are always options.

I just have to decide if I want the red or white wine.  That’s all. 

Yup, this will all be over in about ten years…


6 thoughts on “Put On Your Mommy Pants and Deal With It

    • Oh, Auntie Maureen, but you can!!! What time can I drop them off at your place? You have to have all three of them at a time so that you can get the full effect of the bickering. You just let me know…

  1. Anytime! But, it’s been my experience that kids don’t bicker as much with, or in front of, aunts as much as parents…especially aunts they don’t know!

  2. Jackie O had servants–lots of ’em, so she had no idea what a regular mom deals with… but she was horribly widowed so I’ll cut her some slack… Still!

  3. I don’t even have teenagers yet but I do have a tween and an almost five year old who definitely qualify. I think I will take the white wine followed by a large margarita.

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