Love Is In the Air and On the Big Screen

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and ads for flowers, candy and jewelry abound over the radio and on tv.   You can show your love for that special person in your life by spending money on them.    

I prefer having someone clean my house.  The important people in my life can just pick up after themselves and I’ll feel warm and fuzzy all over.  Or cook me dinner.  Just be sure to do the dishes afterwards.

This is how romantic I have become and it’s probably all downhill from here.  That being said, I do enjoy a romantic movie every now and again.  There’s something about love on the big screen that still pulls at my heartstrings.  

So, as a special Valentine’s treat, here are my favorite romantic movies of all time.  Admittedly, these may not be your typical idea of love on the big screen, but there’s adventure and intrigue just the same.  Hang on to your kilt…

Romeo and Juliet – 1968

I was in high school the first time I saw Leonard Whiting, as the hopelessly romantic Romeo, climb Olivia Hussey’s (aka Juliet’s) garden wall and proclaim his undying love for her under the moon (and the nose of her parents).  That was it – I was smitten.  I have never forgotten how much I loved this movie and I won’t spoil the ending for you if somehow you crawled under a rock and escaped Shakespeare.   

Braveheart – 1995

This movie was made when Mel and I were still friends.  Even though we aren’t on speaking terms anymore, I still adore it.  It’s one of the greatest love stories of all times.  This movie takes undying devotion to a new level.  It also elevates the kilt, IMHO.  Just saying…

Cold Mountain – 2003

My BFF “J” said that it took too long for our hero, Inman, a civil war soldier, to get back home to his love, Ada, in “Cold Mountain”.  I disagree.  I liked Inman’s adventures along his route home (even though many of them were sad)  and I loved Renee Zellweger’s character, Ruby.  Hearing Ada and Inman say, “I marry you, I marry you, I marry you” made it all worth the wait.  Well, that and just watching Jude Law, period.

Ivanhoe – 1997 (BBC television mini-series)

Technically, there are several story lines in this most wonderful mini-series, but the ones that captured my imagination the most were the romantic ones.  Two words: Ciarin Hinds.  Now you have to get this from your library to see what I’m talking about. 

Last of the Mohicans – 1992

Okay, you’re right.  This movie is technically not a romantic drama.  Neither were the last four on the list.  I happen to like it, though.  The love story between Madeleine Stowe and Daniel Day-Lewis is lovely.  The love story between Alice and Uncas started out to be quite lovely too.  Well, until Alice decided that she’d had enough and took matters in her own hands.  Indeed, Jane Austen, it is not.  However, if you like action, adventure, men running around in the forest saving damsels in distress, along with some colonial blood and gore, this is for you.

Shakespeare in Love – 1998

Back to Shakespeare – that naughty bard.  Naughty because he was married and had children tucked away in another English city whilst canoodling with the lovely Viola.  However, the lovely Viola doesn’t know that sly William is married and falls madly in love with him.  For William’s part, he is forever grateful to Viola for curing him of his writer’s block and inspiring him to write Romeo and Juliet, which is right where we began.

Ain’t love grand?


6 thoughts on “Love Is In the Air and On the Big Screen

  1. My sister’s husband has always said that the way to a Lutheran girl’s heart is through a bit of husband initiated house-cleaning.

  2. Growing up in a household where men made beds, scrubbed floors, and cooked dinner, I was amazed to learn my husband couldn’t make a bed, had never mopped a floor, and cook??? I’m happy to say over the years he has learned these tasks and I’ve learned to lower my standards (sorry, Mom). Now I’m off to buy a card and maybe some chocolate…

  3. For some serious hot and bothered style romance plus contemporary kick butt action try True Lies or Mr. & Mrs. Smith. In the latter it is not difficult to see how ‘Branjelina’ came into being…Either way they’re Valentine date night movies the typical, Red-Blooded American Male can actually appreciate. (p.s. True Lies contains some 4-letter type language, you’ve been warned)

  4. Do you know how much I LOVE Shakespeare in Love? Excellent choice. I would be happy to curl up with a blanket, a box of tissues, and that movie anytime. (yeah…it makes me cry…what of it?)

  5. I love Shakespeare in Love too! It’s one that I actually own. Hmmm…maybe that’d be a good way to spend my evening after a long day at work…

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