I Get Comments

When I teach blogging classes at the library, I try to make sure that my pupils understand that blogging is putting yourself “out there”.  By that, I mean “out there” amongst the search engines, the other bloggers, and the public at large. It also makes you accessible to all types of comments, both positive and negative.

Most of my comments are fun, friendly and chatty.  However, in the past few months I’ve received some from a few unsatisfied customers.  In the spirit of fair and balanced reporting, I thought I’d share them with you.

Before I do that, however, I wanted to stress that I do not expect people to agree with everything I say.   Quite the contrary, in fact.  Maybe some people agree with my views, others may not.   That being said, if you’re going to comment, I expect at least an attempt at civility and intelligence.

For example, here is one from Rob regarding my comparison of the two books “Eat, Pray, Love” and “Drink, Play, F#@k”.    He writes, “Don’t compair Drink Pray Fuck to animal house. As if to say that the Novel has no profound passages in it and its strictly about one guy trying to get hammered and slam some girls.  Just because it has the word fuck in it doesn’t mean you have to get your panties in a bunch”. 

First of all, Rob, this was my OPINION of the book, which, by the by, was a farce.   And, yes, I still do stand by my view that, compared to “Eat, Pray, Love”, “Drink, Play, F#@k” did indeed resemble Animal House.  There was one particular scene on a party boat that was particularly orgiastic – I don’t remember wild parties at the ashram in India. 

I also mentioned that as long as you’re not offended by swearing, you’d probably like the book.  Despite Rob’s opinion that I had my panties in a bunch over the foul language the truth is that I was not offended.  In fact, I could respond to Rob’s obnoxious comment by saying, f@#k you, Rob, but that would a.  be very rude and b. blow my cover as a mommy blogger.  I will leave Rob with one thought, however.  Spellcheck is your friend.  Use it.

Here’s another comment from Laurie regarding my review of  “The Tender Bar”:  “You don’t get it, I loved it, and will never listen to anything you ever have to say.  Go away.”

Again, here is yet another example of my opinion vs. your opinion.  I am willing to listen to others’ views if they are well written, constructive and thought out.  Saying, “Go away” is juvenile and shows a lack of imagination.  Of course, if you’re going to include your school email, like Laurie did, I am also going to question your ability to write a coherent argument.  Good luck with your debate class, Laurie.

Finally, here’s a barb from Jim who commented on my post regarding my inability to believe that I’ll ever feel stagnant.  Jim writes, “Stagnation? You don’t believe this is a valid worry for those who reach 60? You say you are 40? Wait until you reach 60. Believe me, you will be worrying about stagnation big time! Your arrogance is amusing. This is not psycho-babble at all. As my dear old neighbor who is no longer with us used to say: “Just wait.”

I’d like to set the record straight by saying that I’m not an arrogant person at all, but I am overwhelmed by this stage in my life.  It would be nice of people like Jim, who have obviously lived through their 40’s, young kids, teens, change of careers and sick parents, to perhaps share uplifting sentiments or even their own experiences.  However, people like Jim apparently feel the need to insult others they don’t know because they can’t see them face to face.  Well, at least Jim can write.

In conclusion, I like comments.  I like to know people are reading my blog.  I like to share my experience and love to hear about other people’s lives.  However, for some, it seems like it’s acceptable to be a jerk because they can’t be seen.   And who says that cyber bullying is just for kids?


7 thoughts on “I Get Comments

    • No worries, Lisa one or two. Will not go away, even though Laurie doesn’t like what I have to say. Such are the risks of blogging.

  1. I also took a break from reading your blog. Just plain forgot. Or just plain didnt make the time. I missed you! So happy we’ve reunited. Keep blogging, my friend!

  2. I have always felt that the genral public misses the point of allowing comments on blogs. It is to premote conversation, discussion and, yes, debate. That is debate – not “who can insult whom the most offensively”. Of course, I also believe that the reason the divorce rate is so high is because most people don’t truly know *how* to discuss, converse, and debate.

    The core of doing this is to remember that your right to speak does not mean you have the right to be disrespectful. Being obnoxious might get the other person to stop talking, but it does not make them see, let alone agree, with you.

    • My sentiments exactly, Melissa. Good point about the divorce rate – hadn’t thought about that but I think you’ve hit on something very important.

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