Freaky Friday Blog Switch



It’s Freaky Friday and my friends, the Lisas, and I have been plotting to take over the world decided to switch blogs for the day.  You can find me over there.  In the meantime, please enjoy my two favorite aspiring authors.  We’re having so much fun that we may not be the same again.  I secretly want to be a Lisa too.

Invasion From Planet L

Q: Who are you and why are you here?

A: We are FOB (Friends of Blogbrarian) named Lisa & Lisa. Blogbrarian issued an invitation to us (and we to her) to do a Freaky Friday type switcheroo on our blogs. We are BFFs for 30 years and counting who have written a book together and continue to write in order to avoid housework. Although Lisa1 does occasionally succumb to the whispered pleas of her vacuum cleaner. Lisa2 feels no such compulsion.

Q: What do you write?

L1: Glad you asked! We write mostly hen lit. And what is hen lit, you ask? It’s what becomes of chick lit after it grows up, gets married, has little peeps of its own and then tries to recapture some of its bygone glory.

L2: I like marshmallow peeps.

Q: So how’s that writing gig working for you?

 L1: Writing the book was, oddly enough, the easy part. Revising it 700 times was slightly less fun. Our years of friendship teetered on the edge, but now we totally pwn the editing process. Getting an agent is the next step and we do have someone who’s expressed an interest. We have 3 new stories we are working on and a limitless supply of ideas.

L2: Never say die.

Q: Thirty years of friendship? Dang, how old are you guys?

L1: Old enough to know better, young enough to take you.

L2: I’m older, why am always last to answer?

Q: Who came up with these questions anyway?

L1: That’s the beauty of our blog – and of sharing the same name – it doesn’t really matter who writes what; we’re scarily able to finish –

L2: – each other’s grilled cheese sandwiches.

L1: That’s not what I was going to say. And gross, by the way.

L2: mahjong game?

L1: Just stop.

L2: Sorry. Hey, thanks for reading everybody. Come on by and sign up for the further adventures of Lisa & Lisa Write a Book. Ha! Told you I’d get the last –

L1: – word.


6 thoughts on “Freaky Friday Blog Switch

    • Wow! Another Lisa! Are you part of the L Invasion? Good point about traveling at the same time – I’ll tell them to be careful.

  1. Freaky Friday is so much fun! I bet both of your blogs will get more subscribers because of having been introduced to all of you on each other’s sites!

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