Thanks a lot, Pixar

Et tu, Pixar?  How could you do this to me?  You made Toy Story 3 WAY too sad, too poignant and too personal.

How could you make Andy grow up and go away to college?  How could you make his toys, the whole adorable gang of them, feel worthless and unwanted? (Okay, so it does have a happy ending – it still made me cry).  Who would do such a thing? 

On top of all that, you made me remember my own little boy, who’s not so little anymore, in front of the television and asking me, for the hundredth time, to put in his very favorite movie cassette, Toy Story.  He was only two when that movie came out and he loved it.  I can still see his blonde head, sitting patiently through the movie despite the fact that he never sat still. 

Now Eldest Son is going to be a senior in high school.  You knew what you were doing, didn’t you Pixar? 

You are harsh, Pixar.  How could you make me cry in front of a theater full of people?  I look awful when I cry and Teenage Daughter and her friend laughed at me mercilessly.  I had to exit the theater quickly so that no one else would see me. 

You knew that you would tug on the heartstrings of all of us moms who had little kids in when the first Toy Story was introduced.  Now, you’re expecting me to buy the action figures too. 

Yeah, okay.  Fine.  I’ve been wanting a Fisher Price Chatter Telephone, just like the one I used to have as a little girl.  Just like the one that I bought for Teenage Daughter when she was little too. 

*Sniff*  I think I might cry again. 

This isn’t over, Pixar.  See if I see your next movie in a theater.  Especially if it’s a tear-jerker.  I’m going to wait for the DVD.

So there.


16 thoughts on “Thanks a lot, Pixar

  1. OK…I think I figured out why you put your *sniff* inside asterisks rather than those other things! Please insert a *sniff* as the first word of my first comment and the 6th word of the second comment!

  2. Havent seen it yet, but have a feeling I will be crying too. Eldest child also a senior this coming school year! I love your blogs Amy!

    PS Austin had the same bedding set that is in your picture! How funny is that!?

  3. I cried during Toy Story 3 too! I’m glad it had a happy ending though. I also had the Fisher Price Chatterbox phone as a child. Loved the picture !

  4. UP made me cry b/c I’m old and near death. TS3 will make me cry b/c I’m old and near death. It’s all about me really.

    • Okay, Lisa – let’s talk. Since I am officially six weeks older than you, I am six weeks closer to death than you are. If you keep commenting on my eventual demise I may have to block you. And that, my friend, is a fate worse than death.

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