Kilts, Rock Hard Abs, and Heaving Bosoms

It is HOT here in Michigan this week.  Like fry an egg on the sidewalk, heat advisory “be sure to drink water and check on your elderly neighbors”, hot.   

Speaking of steamy, I must tell you about my latest read, “Beyond the Highland Mist” by Karen Marie Moning.  In an effort to read different genres and expand my horizons, I decided to listen to a romance book.  And now, I have comments…

First of all, I’d like to say that I like Moning’s Fever series a lot.  It’s very fantasy-ish and different, with a gritty, urban feel.  There’s still a lot of sex scenes, but that’s not the main story.  This book, on the other hand, was Moning’s first novel and the sex scenes are indeed the main story. 

The main character is a sultry, naive orphaned hottie named Adrienne de Simone, straight off the boat from New Orleans.  After being taken advantage of by her loser thug boyfriend, she swears off love and vows “nevah again” when it comes to beautiful men.  Of course, life has other ideas for her.  

So when the Fae King and his lackey are mad at hottie Hawk Douglas, who lives in 1500’s Scotland, wears kilts and pretty much nothing else, and beds lasses with highland precision, they whoosh Adrienne back to the 1500’s.   *Poof* Adrienne magically appears and, I’ll be darned, is wed to Hawk as a stand-in for the woman who was SUPPOSED to marry Hawk but died, coincidentally, the day before.   Amazing.

Of course, Adrienne, who is still bitter and angry about her dead, loser, 20th century boyfriend, is playing hard to get with her scantily clad 16th century husband.  However, Hawk can’t believe how much he’s in love with this angelic shrew who dropped in from nowhere and vows to win her over.  And bed her.  And have his children.  His tactics, including putting a falcon’s hood over her and leading her with a rope, are questionable.  Maybe even a bit abusive.  However, little does Hawk know that Adrienne is secretly in love with him too.  (Must have been that sexy rope…)

While the star-crossed lovers are toying with each others’ feelings, the Fae king and his fool are continuing to muck things up, sending Adrienne back and forth over the expanse of time, and generally being jerks.  Of course they are – it wouldn’t be much of a story if they weren’t, right?

While I liked the ending way better than the painful beginning, I had to ask myself… what is it with time travel and Scotland?  If you’ve read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  Okay, so I thought that Braveheart has some pretty great scenes, but what’s up with Scotland being the epicenter of love and lust?  Och, aye.  I dunna know. 

If you figure out the kilt thing, please leave me a comment.  A nice one, please.  Don’t make me send the Fae king after you…


8 thoughts on “Kilts, Rock Hard Abs, and Heaving Bosoms

  1. Sounds a bit too “hot” to read at this time – I might have to save it for winter! Also – I don’t know what it is about Scotland and time travel, but I’d like to get there and find out for myself…I’m hopelessly in love with Jamie!

    • Ah, Jamie and Claire. Yes, indeed, you do know what I’m talking about with the time travel thing, don’t you?

    • It’s pronounced “Mawning”. However, I am not surprised that you are amused. Get your minds out of the gutter, Lisas.

  2. What’s up with Scotland and romance? I think it might be a hero who”wears kilts and pretty much nothing else”! It’s the kilts, baby.

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