I’d like to thank my family, my editor…

The Lisas of Lisa and Lisa Write a Book, have kindly bestowed an award upon me.  They feel that I am worthy of praise.  Isn’t that sweet?  Thank you, Lisa and Lisa.  Long live your WIP and your fun blog.

Truth is, I do this blog thing because I love to write.  Love, love, love it.  The more I write, the better I feel.  The better I feel, the nicer I am.  The nicer I am, I share my kindness with others.  After that, world peace and happiness are just around the corner.

 It’s probably a blessing that WordPress came along. 

So, as I understand it, there are some rules to this award.  I am to tell you all 7 things about myself that you didn’t already know.  I am to award 15 other bloggers with this award, and I am to let them all know how much I love their blogs too.  The pressure. 

Fame – it’s a harsh thing sometimes.

So, to fulfill my blogger-ly duties, here we go. 

Seven Things You Need To Know About Me

1.  I would love to be a famous audiobook reader.  I realize that you need to be an actress to do this, but, shoot, I’m pretty dramatic already.  I can do a wicked NY accent and my southern drawl isn’t too bad.  Maybe I’ll be discovered someday – like while giving directions to some patron regarding the whereabouts of a book.  It could happen you know.

2.  I have a really really really bad temper.  I continue to work on this negative aspect of my personality daily, but I’m afraid that it’s a lifelong goal.

3.  I have premonitions.  They’re subtle (not Sixth Sense-y), but they creep up on me every now and again.  It’s weird.

4.  I worry a lot.  I’m so good at it that I should add it to my resume.  Yes, I know worrying is a waste of energy.   See #2 regarding lifelong goals.

5.   I went back to school last year and it has made me re-evaluate everything I’ve ever learned.  This “going back to school” stuff – it’s hard. 

6. I admire people who are good at math and those who drink their coffee black. 

7.  I am a hopeless romantic.  I adore movies like “Cold Mountain”, “The Last of the Mohicans” and yes, “Twilight”.  The more action, adventure and unrequited love, the better. 

Now, I must name some blogs that I would like to bestow this award upon.  Kind of like a pay it forward sorta thing.  I was supposed to highlight 15 blogs but, well, due to the fact that The Lisas chose most of the blogs that I would have, I’m just going to award 5 other dedicated bloggers.  Five other really talented, interesting bloggers. 

Five Blogs That You Should Read Immediately

Are You There God? It’s Me, Generation X
The Restless Writer
My Library Ideas
Busy Mom Blog
Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves

… and for a little hero-worship, let me introduce Anne Taintor’s blog.  Only problem is that I can’t tell her that I awarded her blog.  That would make her look at my blog and call her copyright lawyers.  We’ll just keep that a secret amongst ourselves.  K? 

Thanks again, Lisas.  You didn’t really think that I had an editor, did you? 




10 thoughts on “I’d like to thank my family, my editor…

  1. If you got an editor before us we’d still love you. We’d have to kidnap and hold you for ransom, of course, but we’d still love you. 😉

    Glad you had fun with the award!

  2. Congratulations! I was so happy when I saw thelisas named you as a recipient of this award – nobody deserves it more (well, than you AND thelisas)!

  3. Congratulations…you deserve it…love your posts.
    don’t worry too much about the temper…like a pressure cooker…sometimes you have to let off steam….I can say that…I live FAR from you!!!

  4. AwI I love you too! Thank you – I feel very honored. I miss you terribly! 🙂 And guess what? I have a bad temper too – I mean, EPIC – truly we are meant to be friends4ever, or however the youngsters say it these days! 🙂

    • Miss you too Chris! Come back to MI and have lunch with me soon!!! You and your epic temper are always so good to see.

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