Because I said so. That’s why.


I woke up feeling bossy today.  Maybe it had to do with two claims from my insurance company regarding my car. My car, while I was not in it.  My car, while it was driven by someone besides my husband or me.   

I feel the need to say it like it is.  These are not all necessarily directed at my teens – some are general statements regarding youth. 

I’ll be back to normal blogging next post.   Until then, I have some advice…

  • I have read many reports about teens and sleep.  Your school district doesn’t care.  You need to get up and go to school and start at 7:15.  I’m not homeschooling you – adjust.
  • If you make a mess, clean it up.  Your mother does indeed work here and she’s sick of it.
  • I know you need a car.  I need a raise.  I didn’t get one last year and I won’t get one this year.   I’m not Jesus.  You can ask but you may not receive.
  • Stop expecting every day to be a good time.  Most days in the life of an adult are mediocre.  That’s okay – it’s normal.
  • High school lasts four years – your reputation can last a lifetime.  Remember that and act accordingly.
  • Using the F-word as every part of English speech doesn’t make you cool or tough; it makes you an offensive idiot.  
  • Everyone has a story and you probably only know a small part of it.  Try not to be judgemental. 
  • You don’t have to like everyone but you have to try to be nice.  It does matter, believe me. 
  • If we didn’t make mistakes, we would learn nothing.  Life is a learning process.  A long one.  Pay attention.
  • Adversity can make you bitter or better.  Choose wisely.
  • Get a blog.  Type out your frustrations.  It’s good for you.  Tell me your web address and I’ll subscribe.
  • Tell you mom that you love her at least once a week.  Moms like that sort of thing.
  • Believe in things that you cannot see, like love and forgiveness. 
  • Don’t turn on a red when the other person turning has an arrow.  It can be expensive. 

20 thoughts on “Because I said so. That’s why.

  1. Though I am a regular user of the f-bomb, I agree will all of what you said! 🙂 And for your kids reading – I’m 30, I’ve earned the right to swear like a sailor. You don’t get to. Your mother says.

    • My record is not exactly perfect on this one either. However, it’s WHO you say this in front of that matters. Saying it at the library in front of a mom and her young children is a bad idea. Using it in public in every other sentence is a bad idea. Sitting around with your buddies privately swearing MIGHT be okay. I just think kids need to think a little more before they use it. I won’t judge you, Chris. I’m sure you’re very judicious.

      • You can design your own t-shirts at Cafe Press. I’ll buy one too. After all, it’s true, right? Love you too!!

  2. I tried to get thelisas killed yesterday turning on red – my red – my red LEFT-turn arrow, hence other people’s very green light. I was unsuccessful in this murder-suicide attempt.

    Scratch ‘talking to live people’ from the list of activities I can safely do while driving. I believe this leaves me with:
    blinking &
    swallowing (spit, nothing else)

    You would have been proud of TOL, she didn’t even drop the f-bomb.

    • You were very judicious, TOL. I’m proud of you. I might have dropped an F-bomb while apparently meeting my maker. I feel better that turning left on a red light while the other person has the green arrow happens to 30 somethings too.

  3. So, I have decided to try bitter for a while, even though I am aware it is not the wise decision. Hope I smarten up soon.

  4. I love your bullet points and wish I could re-wind time and give them to my son in his high school years. He’s bigger and heavier than me now!

  5. Love the blog. Oldest son is now 21 and has been really great most of this summer – including cooking dinner when asked. (I may never be able to retire from work, but I have retired from cooking!)

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