Let’s (Not) Make-up

I’m noticing a social trend in women lately and I wanted to share my very unscientific findings with all of you.  I’m thinking that I am seeing less and less makeup on women.  Lots of women, to be more specific.  No mascara, no eyeliner, no foundation or blush.  Nothing. 

Part of me understands this trend.  I gave up wearing blush many years ago.  I was tired of looking like I had a fever or just ran two blocks.  Do you remember the blush trend from the 80’s?  Having two streaks of crimson (or a very earthy looking brown) powder on ones face is definitely not natural.  I wasn’t sorry to see that go by the wayside.

Speaking of 1980’s style blush, how about 1980’s eyeshadow?  Let me see if I remember the directions…  lighter color on lid, dark color in the crease, pale color on the brow bone = itchy eyes all day long.   Nope, gave that up too.  I ended up with more color on my fingers than on my eyes.  By the end of the day I looked like I had been on some sort of bender.  Eyeshadow around the eyes just makes one look like an extra in Night of the Living Dead.

Although I think that red lips a la the 1950’s are very sexy, I tend to chew lipstick off.  Literally.  One minute it’s there and the next time I look in the mirror I have multicolored teeth and my lips are as pale as usual.  My sister-in-law insists that buying one little tube of lipstick will cure any shopping need that you might have.  I’m going to have to take her word on this one.  I don’t think that there’s any nutritional value to lipstick so I’m going to pass.

Despite all this, there is no way that I’m going to give up my mascara and eyeliner.  I’ve read about women looking “fresh-faced” and “youthful” without eye makeup.  However, I think “tired” and “sickly” are better descriptors for me.  In fact, I was so distressed that L’Oreal stopped making my favorite eyeliner color that I went to four different stores and tried three new brands.  There will be no “fresh-faced” eyes in my future. 

Just be kind and let me know if I start looking like Elvira (see photo above).  That’s where I draw the (pencil) line.


12 thoughts on “Let’s (Not) Make-up

  1. Huzzah to no make-up! I haven’t worn make-up much at all in my lifetime, though growing up in the 80s means I did wear my share of bright blue shadow, among other colors, during my brief flirtations with make-up. (Don’t let’s get started on bright blue mascara, ugh.)

    I always come back to this: wearing make-up means that somewhere deep down, I’m admitting that I’m not fully okay with my appearance, that I believe somewhere that me-as-I-really-am is not okay. So it rubs me the wrong way to wear make-up and that is the primary reason I don’t do it. Well, laziness is probably right up there, too. Also I feel like one has a better chance at having good skin if one is not putting crap on it all the time (and then removing said crap with unfriendly removal chemicals). People can judge me if they want to, but I don’t care! Me-as-me is good enough and they can learn to deal with it.

    I still wear the same strawberry Lip Smackers chap-stick that I wore as a kid, but I hardly feel like that counts as make-up. It’s moisturizer of a sort in my book (though also tasty! better than traditional lipstick, at which I am just as inept as you are!).

    Besides all this about me, I don’t think you need any make-up, either! You’re gorgeous just as you are. So let’s hear it for the natural look!

  2. I think you’ve hit on the reason why many women have ditched their makeup and have gone natural. I think that a lot of young women are very confident in themselves and are just not worried about what other people think. Good for them and for you. I wish I was more confident. As for me, thanks for the compliment – that’s very sweet. However, old habits die hard and I may have to stick with my makeup routine. That being said, I would agree that less is more, so I’ll just stick with the bare minimum.

  3. While I WILL go out in public without any makeup…I don’t really like to (it’s a laziness thing with me, for sure!)…although the makeup I do wear is fairly minimalist (at least I think it is)! I definitely don’t have the confidence of Anne, alas! And Lisa – amen to that!!!

    • I’m not kidding that the last time someone (other than my family) saw me without makeup, they asked me if I was feeling okay. Made me feel kind of bad and L’Oreal and I are now best friends.

      • This has happened to me throughout my entire life – being so pale, the old ladies at my parents’ church would ask me if I was feeling okay EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY from the time I was in elementary school, so I guess I decided to ignore it early on. Screw the haters!

  4. I tend to agree – when did looking my age become unacceptable!?!?! I just had a birthday pass, and a co-worker made a comment about me being 39 from now on. No, thanks. I’ve earned everyone of my years, and if they show on my face, so be it.

    Having said all that, I do wear make up. I find I have no eyebrows at all without the color. While Whoopie Goldberg can pull off the look, it isn’t happening for me!

    • I know what you’re saying but I’m still dyeing my hair too. I think I’m going to have to get more confidence. And, by the by, birthday girl, you don’t look your age at all.

      • Hair dye, to me, is different. More of an accent, maybe? That said, though, I am attempting to embrace my “silver” hairs. (They’re more like jewelry if they’re silver, right?)

  5. Hi There…so pleased to be back on the net.
    I wear very little make-up but I do use SOME.
    The face I wake up to needs a little help.
    I stick to very little base a bit of mascara and eyeliner.
    Only wear lipstick if I am going out(not even for work)as,like you, mine lasts for five seconds flat.
    I think a lot of make-up is aging.

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