It’s All in the (Large and Useful) Bag

I’m going to add another category of people whom I revere with awe and amazement.  They include:  people who drink their coffee black, people who are good at (and actually enjoy) math and women who carry a small purses. 

I, on the other hand, drink coffee that rivals desserts in sweetness, can only show you where the math books are located and maybe, on a good day, balance my checkbook.  Also, after much thought and soul-searching, I have decided that I cannot carry small purses.

This cathartic revelation happened quite recently.  Within the last week, in fact.  I was cramming my belongings into my very chic yet not overly spacious Coach bag and I realized, without a doubt, that I needed a bigger purse.

I have observed carefully the behavior of women who have impossibly small purses.  They keep only what they need. Their wallets are whisper thin and they only include credit cards that they will be using that day.  These women appear up to the minute and timely. 

I tried to emulate this behavior, but my bills kept creeping into my purse.  After all, if you carry it around with you, I am convinced that you are much less likely to forget to pay it. 

I also have a return envelope stuffed with coupons because you just never know when you are going to end up at the coney island for lunch and want that $2.00 off of your $20 order.  Or, what if you forgot your favorite bra style at Victoria’s Secret and you need to refer to the little pink card with your size and model.  We’re talking vital information here and leaving it at home because it won’t fit into your snarkily small bag is just unacceptable.  

You can laugh but I wouldn’t be caught dead without my BOGO coupons from McDonald’s.  Not on my watch.

How about notes to self?  Next year’s pocket calendar?  Assorted highlighters and writing utensils?  Work ID’s and matching lanyards?  It’s all in the bag.  Try fitting those into your crossbody purse.   Good luck with that.

Next time we’re out shopping and you need a 20% off coupon from Famous Footwear, I’m your girl.  I’ll just whip that little savings certificate out of my large and useful bag and you can save away.  You are most welcome.

By the way, I’m not getting rid of my Coach purses.  They are beautiful and sophisticated and I’ll save them for  special occasions.  Or for when I’m feeling up to the moment and timely.  Don’t hold your breath.


3 thoughts on “It’s All in the (Large and Useful) Bag

    • Yes, they really do. You can have a very organized yet functional large bag – I love them. I also have a very nice Macy’s coupon that fits most wonderfully in my large bag – good for buying more large purses!

  1. I want Let’s Make a Deal to come back on tv, because my purse and I would kick butt in the section where the host asks women to retrieve random things from their bags. I have nothing but random stuff.

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