So Long and Thanks for All the Hits

Well, this has been FUN. 

It’s been two and 1/2 years since I started blogging and who knew that I would enjoy it so much?  Who knew that telling the world just how you feel could be so enjoyable?  Who knew that suggesting books and ripping on ones that didn’t deserve to be published could be so cathartic? 

But let’s not kid ourselves.  All good things must come to an end.

I’m doing a rather poor job of blogging lately.  Thanks, that’s a very nice thing to say, but really, I am. 

I’m actually not doing a very good job with anything lately except for listening to books on my mp3 player.  I excel at listening to books and then reviewing them.  However, I didn’t want to have a book review blog.   There are those who are much better at that sort of thing than me.  And I really meant what I said about some books not being worthy of publishing. 

Let’s look on the bright side – some of my posts were downright brilliant.  There was this one, about school lunches – remember that?  Bento boxes are still a subject to be mocked.  I happened to enjoy this one about prom dresses too.  Remember that?  Good times…

My very favorite post was for my friends Lisa & Lisa when we traded blogs for the day.  They’re going to be published someday.  Real live authors – that’s what they’re going to be.  Keep an eye out for them. 

Don’t feel bad.  We can still be friends, you know. 

Tell you what… if you can find me on Facebook, we’ll friend each other.  I’ll try to be witty and sarcastic and keep the party rolling.  We can sing the Estrogen Song together.  I will continue to give unsolicited advice there too.  So, thanks for reading my blog and being part of my turn at being an author.  

I’ll leave you with one thought:  You too can start a blog (Just go to  There are directions there and nice people who talk techie).  Maybe you will change the world. 

Now go forth and conquer.


21 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks for All the Hits

  1. Miss Amy! I completely respect your decision, although I felt a bit teary as I read your good-bye(?) blog. Really? But, please, just keep a little possibility that when/if life calms down, you will come back to entertain us…—Your Most Devoted Fan

  2. Damn,damn,damn….and I just taught you to say chuffed…I am NOT chuffed right now.
    Ok…I understand how you feel…are you sure it is not just a blogblock?
    How do I find you on FB?
    There must be a load of Amy’s.
    Guess you can find me?
    Kathy Lloyd.
    Please try…would love to stay in touch!

    • I am so chuffed that you want to stay in touch – isn’t that wonderful? Yes there are LOADS of Amy Lee’s in the world. My name on FB is Amy Sayre Lee. If you can’t find me, I’ll find you. No worries, Granny!

  3. Amy Amy Amy. There are far too few good blogs to let this go. We can live with occasional posts. And, I enjoy the book reviews actually. Helps me find books that are not the type I would normally gravitate to for reading. Don’t go!!

    • Dear Mel,

      I will help you find books any time. Your next book is going to be Christine Falls by Benjamin Black. I will reconsider blogging just because you asked. Hugs to you.

  4. NOOOOOOO….DON’T GO…PLEASE!!! Even if you only post occasionally…they’re soooo good! Alright – now that my whining is done…at least I am your friend on Facebook…and elsewhere…but I really will miss your blog. I guess a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do…but I hope you will consider blogging again someday!

  5. Call it an early retirment. Doesn’t that sound lovely? You will be missed by those of us who can never hope to pick up the slack.

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

  6. I will read your blog faithfully and love every minute of it, now that I am retired. : ) I will be able to say that I knew you and Lisa when… someday. I just know it.

  7. I’m so sad about this. I found you through LIsa & Lisa’s blog. I’m a friend of LIsa D-C. I’m Emily Melcher. I would like to stay in touch on facebook.

    • Hi Emily!
      Sigh…. you’re all making me feel sad. I had no idea. Maybe I could get back to blogging after a bit. I just need to take a break. I will find you on FB!!!

  8. Oh, no! Say it ain’t so! Guess you’ll just have to tell me, face to face, what I should read next! Loved JULIET!!!! and so did Mike (he was often in the car with me). He actually asked me how the story ended.

  9. Seriously!!! You know I was going to begin my career as a blogger in December and all because of you!! Now I’m not sure I can go through with it. 😦

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