You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cleavage

I’ve discussed the sad state of science fiction art before.   I really don’t understand why such good books are given such awful covers.  General fiction covers look like art, mystery covers are fun and whimsical, romance is, well, romantic, and science fiction and fantasy book covers are just plain laughable. 

I think that the most hilarious covers feature women.  I really would like to know why women are portrayed in either slinky, Barbarella get-ups complete with bullet bras and six inch space boots or bizarre medieval wench fantasy clothes.  I’m not sure if that’s a social commentary or just really bad artwork. 

I saved some of my very favorites to share.   Let me know what you think.

The medieval warrior babe, also known as “She Who Coordinates Her Tunic and Boots”

The gothic ‘bad girl’ babe, also known as “She Who Managed to Find Fredrick’s of Hollywood in the 18th Century”

The space explorer babe or “She who wears her makeup to the intergalactic war”:

She who secretly keeps E.T. in her Native American replica hut:

She who is in love with her spacesuit:

She who likes to wear matching outfits with her space pet:


5 thoughts on “You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cleavage

    • Well, yes, I’m sure that’s a big factor. However, I have a lot of female patrons who want sci fi and fantasy titles. I think that the artists are just male. And not very talented either.

  1. Now I feel the need to track down a sci-fi writer and confront them with this burning question. As if I’m not busy enough stalking the RWA & SCBWI crowds. TOL will not be pleased.

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