Awful Gifts, Just In Time for the Holidays

It’s almost time for the holidays.  Despite my best efforts to ignore it, the calendar is stating that Thanksgiving is next week and, therefore, Christmas is coming too.  (Incidentally, I love Thanksgiving.  It’s what follows that worries me).

Don’t get me wrong, there are many things to like about Christmas.  There are wonderful smells, fabulous recipes and the fact that you can wear green and red together and not look silly.  (Admit it- you’ve been tempted to pair those colors in April and changed your mind). 

Then, there is the gift giving.  I also realize that the gifts are symbolic of Christ’s coming as a gift to the world.  But, really, I think that the question here should be WWJB, and that stands for, “What Would Jesus Buy?”  Let’s look at some of the finest offerings of the season and see if they are gift worthy this year.


Meet Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away.    He looks very cute and friendly but, a minute after you press ‘snooze’, Clocky jumps off your night stand and rolls away, apparently beeping loudly so that you have to chase him around your room.   After which case you are not only awake, but highly annoyed.  Here’s my prediction:  this will be funny about two times.  I also predict that there will be a lot of broke-y Clocky’s in January.

Beer Holsters

 The image above is a beer holster.  That’s right.  No more walking aimlessly around parties, looking for a table to set your cold one on.  Carry your beloved beer close to the hip and rejoice for your hands free status.   Hurrah! Bar brawling just got a little easier!  

Arm Warmers

I know that this is a silly idea, but, what if you just wore a sweater and some gloves and skipped these altogether?  Nah, you’re right.  That would never work.

Elf on the Shelf

Hey, guess what?  These little guys have been around since I was a little girl.  Guess what else?  I thought that they were creepy and was scared that they walk around and get into elf-ish trouble while I was sleeping, despite their lack of feet.  You know what?  I still wonder about them.  I’m going to skip the shelf elves.

FIJIT Friends

I am not exactly sure what bothers me so much about this toy.  Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s advertised as a mechanical “BFF”, which is disturbing just in itself.  It also has built-in responses and jokes.  And it dances.  Except, it’s not real.  So, it’s just an annoying mechanical cylinder with a weird skin-like rubber coating.  Merry Christmas.

Pooping Reindeer Sweater

Ummmm…. Yeah.   There’s really nothing to say about this other than just don’t buy this.  Ever.  Jesus doesn’t want you to exchange bad sweaters in honor of his birthday. 


10 thoughts on “Awful Gifts, Just In Time for the Holidays

  1. I asked my husband what to get our best friend and he suggested the clocky. What is he thinking? We want to keep him as a friend. Also, you forgot to discuss when relatives give you and your children bad gifts that are obviously re-gifts but you probably need another whole blog on that issue.

  2. I have considered getting one of those Clocky things for my husband – or something like it. But the only reason I don’t is that I figure he STILL wouldn’t hear the alarm clock and he wouldn’t be the one running around the room trying to turn it off, I would. So I might as well just deal with him hitting snooze on a clock he can actually reach — so at least then when he doesn’t get up regardless, at least the noise has stopped.

    • I think that someone with a really evil sense of humor came up with Clocky. If you were going to be the one to chase it around, forget it. Not worth the stress and aggravation.

  3. As someone who has issues with numb and cold hands, I have to say I do wear the hand warmers. They keep my hands and fingers warm, but still allow me to type. Which I kind of need to do, as I work at a computer all day…. 😦 *hangs head). Then again, I lost all hope of “coolness” when I got the breathing machine, so what the heck. BRING ON THE RED AND GREEN IN APRIL!

    • Green and red in April are going to be in next year. I do understand cold hands – really I do. I just don’t like the looks of those things.

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