Hello, My Name Is Blogbrarian and I Am Addicted To Technology

Not too long ago I came across a self-help quiz about technology addiction.   Assured that I was above such nonsense, I took it and found that I was mildly addicted, nothing to be alarmed about.   I felt sorry for those poor, crackberry souls who had failed the quiz and were considered addicted, tethered to an electronic device, desperately searching for wi-fi and unable to communicate without using text speak.  U no wht i mean? 

I was above it all.  That is, until last week when an ugly thing happened and it’s called:

My computer would not turn on.

I pushed the button and nothing happened.   I held the button down and nothing happened.  I unplugged it and plugged it back in and nothing happened.  Nothing.  Happened. 

I stared at the CPU in horror, willing it to give some sort of weak signal, such as a blink or a cough, that it was still alive.  Nothing.  And that is when the panic set in. 

My mind began racing.  It went through worst case scenarios and spit out things like: Ohmygawdthisstupidmachinewontturnonandihaveworktodoandhowamigoingtodoit?  Could it be fixed?  Was it the hard drive?  Had I done a backup recently?  How much do new computers cost? 

Now is a good time to add that I have a second part-time job and that requires me to work out of my house on my now dead computer.   The one that was I staring at and was not moving.

Then it occurred to me.  I needed that computer to work.  I needed that technology to run my life.  I needed a 12-step group, just as soon as I could access the website for the nearest meeting. 

I realize that I have an Android phone with internet access, but, really, I can’t conduct all my business using that tiny screen.  Plus, I hate the touch screen keypad and auto correct is just plain evil.  Which brought me back to that blasted computer, and the fact that I needed it and it wasn’t cooperating. 

Fear not, this story has a happy ending.  My Dearest Husband bought a new power supply for a mere $50, installed it and they all lived happily ever after.  That is, until the hard drive goes. 

Now, I wake up in the morning and admit that I need electricity to run my life, whether or not it’s good, right or harmful.  I still have a paper calendar in my purse to glance at the entire month but I see myself becoming more digital every day.  And, more dependent. 

Must run.  I dropped my electric toothbrush and now it won’t work.  Let me know if you hear about any electronic 12-step programs, okay?


4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is Blogbrarian and I Am Addicted To Technology

    • Embracing – that is a good word for my behavior. I’m wondering if obsessing is more accurate. I’m certainly not going to be able to stop any time soon.

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