Plinky and the Art of Inspired Content


I miss blogging. Miss it, miss it, miss it. 

SOME bloggers are becoming famous and writing books and I spent two years wasting time going back to school.  I could have just continued to slap words onto a blog for free but instead I spent money that I’m still paying off.   I will consider that to be a mid-life crisis and move on, but, in the meantime, I’ve got a lot of time to make up.

I also have a very bad case of writer’s block.  Every time I sit down to compose a piece, I second guess myself.  I ask myself serious, angsty questions such as, “Will this offend someone?” or “Will anyone care” or better yet, “Do I care?” I worry that I need a ‘theme’ to my blog or that I need to only talk about one thing. 

This is where Plinky comes in handy. 

Plinky was designed for the struggling blogger.  It prompts you to answer provocative questions and “create inspired content” because “sometimes you need a push”.   To which I say, “Hurrah!” and add that there are many people I would like to push, but right now I personally need some help.

Okay, I am ready – bring it, Plinky!

Question 1:  If tattoos only lasted for one year, would you want one?
Answer:  Oooo, Plinky… such a question.  Why, yes, I would. I would have “Book Pusher” tattooed across my ankle and only wear flip-flops, even in winter. 

Question 2:  List 3 things you’ll never understand.
Answer:  Only 3? 
1. Why my dogs insist on taking my socks outside and chewing on them.
2.  Why I wore such awful glasses in the 80’s/90’s.
3.  Why Nicholas Sparks is so popular.

Question 3: What place seemed smaller after coming back to visit again?
Answer:  My laundry room, after every time I visit Pinterest.

Question 4: What are the top 3 things you want to do before you kick the bucket:
Answer: 1.  Write a book. 
2.  Go to Europe. 
3.  Get rid of the age spots on my face.

Question 5:  If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?
Answer:  See question #2

Questions 6:  If you had the attention of the entire world for two minutes, what would you say?
That’s a trick question, Plinky.  I can’t get my kids to pay attention to me, do you expect the world to listen?
Okay, if I was going to pull this off, I would telecast a commercial with cute puppies over everyone’s television, cell phone and computer.  At the bottom I would have the following scrolling (in all different languages):

“Print preview is your friend”…”Nice matters”…”Entitlement is a sin” and finally…”God is coming – look busy”


8 thoughts on “Plinky and the Art of Inspired Content

  1. Loved it, but there are so many questions to ask your dog: Why eat poop? Why do you jump on the bed and sneeze on the pillows? etc….PS I am facilitating a group doing the Artist’s Way if you feel you need group intervention on the writer’s block.

    • Oh, the eating dog poop thing. Yes, that was almost a deal-breaker for my puppy. I asked him numerous times to explain with no luck. I need lots of group intervention on writer’s block – let me know your schedule.

  2. Maybe you’re right and I’m just bitter. No matter, I’m going to blog and I hope you will continue to read and comment. I’m hopeful like that.

      • Alright, I get it, Lisas. I will change my attitude and consider my hiatus and subsequent school loans progress. Better, not bitter, right??

      • Just be sure to have a good method for blowing off steam or you’ll wind up with back/neck pains (us being expert royal pains in the neck/backside)

        1Lisa has taken up drag racing, TOL uses the primal scream method (both most effective in public)

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