Auld Lang Syne

Image courtesy of Anne Taintor

Image courtesy of Anne Taintor

I really haven’t received too many end of the year/Christmas/’how many trips we’ve taken this year but God bless us all’ letters this year.  By not many, I should say, zero.

It’s too bad, really.  I do like to hear what other people are up to.  However, I suspect that Facebook has taken much of the wonder out of the “So, whatcha been up to lately?” question because I pretty much know what many people ate for dinner last night and I have the pictures on my news feed to prove it.

That said, do we really know what’s going on in people’s lives?  Are they forthright and honest or do we just post happy things so that no one needs to know the truth?

I’ve never written one of those letters before but I think it would be fun to write a letter that is very honest and insightful.  If I were going to purchase stationary framed with holly and ivy, and, using a pretty flowing font, tell all about my 2012, here is how it would go.

December 30, 2012

Dearest family and friends,

I hope that this letter finds you all happy and well.

Gosh, where to begin?  Well, let’s go all the way back to last January when three days after we rang in the New Year, we celebrated by rescuing a puppy.  Not just any puppy but one who had lived on the streets and picked up a parasite so that our living room carpeting still smells slightly suspect after three cleanings.  Izzo is adorable, sweet as sugar and very loyal.  So loyal that after allowing him to sleep in our bed one time so that my 40+ brain wouldn’t be sleep deprived and addled, he never left.  He still keeps me up at night, so much so that I have moments of complete and utter despair.   The good news is that, 11 months later, our 7-year-old dog JoJo will now look at me without hatred in her eyes.   It’s gonna be okay after all.

Our children continue to do well.  Eldest Son is now a sophomore in college and doesn’t like to cut his hair on a regular basis.  He wears a stocking hat, an Army green coat and a beard and now resembles a sketchy hoodlum.   Despite his obvious disregard of scissors, he does like living with us and commuting to school and that means that I will not have a home office any time in the future.   It’s a good thing he’s so gosh darn cute.  And smart.  I will stay on good terms with him so that he can support us when we are old and without Social Security.

Teenage Daughter is graduating in June and not one minute too soon, thank you very much.  She gets an A+ for fashion, hair, makeup and accessories and all things social.  But, even she would tell you that four years in high school is too long and she was bitten by the Senioritis Bug months ago.  It causes swelling of the attitude glands and can also make getting up in the morning and attending school a chore.   Despite all this, I will cry at her graduation ceremony because she is still my little girl and because sleep deprivation does that too you.  And because the new chapter of her life is so important and I hope she is happy.

Youngest Son is going to be going into middle school after this school year and I have upped my medication in anticipation of that event.  He is still playing hockey and is generally one of the nicest, most loving kids ever.  I am praying that the teenage years are kind to him and to his parents, who are getting too old to deal with bullshit.

We are now the lucky owners of three older cars with many miles and the potential for all sorts of problems. It’s kind of exciting in a ‘gosh, what could go wrong?’ kind of way.  If no one gets into an accident or has car trouble, I consider that to be a good day.  Lowering ones standards is very important in this life, you know.

I am still a librarian and my library appears to have weathered the financial meltdown that threatened to make me unemployed a few years back.  It’s an interesting time to be a librarian.  People still have doubts if we are relevant and like to write about it.  Ad nauseum.  Of course, I know I am relevant and I can do all sorts of tricks and I can even sit pretty for thank you’s from adoring patrons.  I know how to find a good book for you, find accurate information, fix your resume and teach you how to make a top-notch spreadsheet.  And, when I tell people where to go, they actually listen.  All for free.  Who knew?

My mom continues to battle cancer, which sucks.  Truly.  I went to sit with her one time during chemotherapy and witnessed rows of people reclining in comfy chairs with chemotherapy medication tubes dripping into their IV tubes.  They were chatting with each other and their loved ones or caretakers and the whole place seemed like a social gathering gone very wrong.   So, when my mom had a PET scan in January, we are all hoping for good news.

On a happier note, my hubby and I celebrated our 21st anniversary this year and he still continues to charm me after all this time.  Except now it’s cute things like transferring money into my bank account when it gets dangerously low and saying it’s okay that I didn’t cook dinner for the 3rd day in a row.  And surprising me with a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas.  He’s a keeper for sure.

So, hope your 2012 was both exciting and happy.  I am medicated and motivated for a great 2013 and I hope you are too.  Motivated, that is.  You probably wouldn’t tell me about the medication though, would you?




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